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Enjoy A Refreshing Warm Shower From Anywhere

The only essential that you couldn’t bring with you on your camping trips was the shower. But not anymore! Our portable, solar-powered FreshCamper™ shower bag allows you to enjoy a fresh and clean shower from anywhere on the planet!

FreshCamper™ is lightweight, easy to carry and uses solar energy to heat up the water inside.

Combined with its convenient shower head, it gives you an enjoyable way of staying clean on your outdoor adventures!

With FreshCamper™, you can easily maintain good hygiene even in the remotest of wilderness areas.

No more staying sweaty and smelly on long trips due to lack of shower facilities. Stay clean and fresh no matter where you are!

Camping Shower

Why FreshCamper™ Is A Must Have

Take the shower with you - This shower bag is lightweight, foldable, and easy to pack and carry with you anywhere you go.

Solar-powered - No need for a freezing cold shower. Simply expose FreshCamper™ to some sunlight and enjoy a warm shower on your outdoor adventures!

Can be hanged and used anywhere - The durable handle easily unclips and allows you to hang the bag wherever you see fit!

High capacity - You can easily take up to three showers before having to refill the bag with water.

Pocket for toiletries - The mesh side pocket easily holds your soap, shampoo, toothpaste, or other toiletries.

Convenient and easy to maintain - The shower head has an on/off switch and there are two velcro straps to hold the hose in place when not in use. The hose is also easy to replace, in case you prefer to replace it with a longer hose that can easily reach more "parts"!

FreshCamper™ is the ultimate choice - You no longer have to worry about not having access to a warm shower on any of your future outdoor adventures. Stay fresh and clean wherever you go with FreshCamper™!

Volume: 5 Gallons (20 Litres)

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