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Choose a Wand!: Hermione Granger Wand
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Become the Witch or the Wizard you’ve always wanted to be with our Magic Wand from Tecanova. It casts out a charming fireball at your command and will help improve your casting abilities. Just load the wand with the flash paper, and cast your spell. Make your friends and family wonder how you got this cool item.

Create magical stories and memories with you and your significant others. Load the wand and fire away as you watch your family and friends laugh with joy!

Say the magic words INCENDIO 🔥 and summon this fire magic that will leave everyone in Absolute SHOCK!

💥 Fireballs are so real. It uses a special flash paper that disappears in seconds after the shot. Put paper inside, press the magic button leave your friends speechless!

Our flash paper fireballs evaporate in the air with no trace.No sparks, no embers and no ash! Furthermore our wands feature safety toggle switches which prevent the wand from shooting at the wrong time. Perfect for switching between cosplay prop and casting spells!

1) Tear the provided flash paper into a small ball.

2) Push the ball down the wand barrel with the load stick.

3) Press the trigger button to ignite the paper and shoot!





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