Mini Electric Bike Elliptical Trainer

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This fitness trainer is easy to carry and can easily be moved from somewhere in the house to your own private gym.



  • [Built-in display monitor] Use the advanced LED built-in display monitor to start planning and recording your fitness statistics. It can track time, distance, scan, speed, calories burned.

  • [Multifunctional] Depending on your needs and capabilities, the pedal can be advanced or retracted to target different muscles, you can also insert strength to assist exercise or use it directly without strength. Note: Use only while sitting.

  • [Skid pedals and ideal rehabilitation training] Large-scale textured skid pedals can effectively exercise the body, low-attention exercise can promote leg movements and improve blood circulation without obstacles.

  • [Quiet and smooth exercise] Quiet and quiet, do not disturb the family, no matter what other families are doing, you can enjoy sports. Importantly, this fitness trainer is easy to carry and can easily be moved from somewhere in the house to your own private gym.

  • High security and stability. Allows you to work out easily. We provide 24-hour quality customer service.

❤ Our fitness mini steppers are popular among weight-loss people and fitness-loving people.

◆ Specifications:

-Product name: fitness stepper

-Maximum load: 150kg

-Resistance: hydraulic

-Suitable for: indoor

★ Benefits:

  1. Four balanced adjustable footpads to enhance stability and adapt to more ground conditions.

  2. Diamond-shaped protection design, stepping on more peace of mind, preventing accidental sports injuries.

  3. LED display accurately records your calories burned, a number of times, and time.

  4. Buffer noise-reduction pedal pad to reduce motion noise and extend service life.

  5. Foot massage, dense bumps, fit the acupoint stimulation of the feet, thereby speeding up dredging.

  6. Detachable wave foot pad, it is more convenient to disassemble and clean, and it is more convenient to replace damaged.

  7. Double hydraulic rod design, double the exercise effect

✿High-quality guarantee:

We are committed to producing high-quality fitness products. Provide all customers with the best quality service experience, and 24H customer service.

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