NailFixer™ - Toenail Paronychia Corrector (50 Pcs )

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Introducing the ultimate solution for ingrown toenails - our Waterproof and Breathable Toe Nail Corrector Stickers! Our nail correction stickers are the perfect paronychia treatment and pedicure recovery tool that can effectively improve nail growth and protect your toe nails.

Made with high-quality cotton, our toe correction patches are soft to the touch, breathable, and elastic. The double-sided tape sticks firmly, making it easy to use without the need for glue. The self-adhesive design allows for easy application and a perfect fit that blends seamlessly with your skin tone.

Our toe nail corrector stickers are waterproof and breathable, allowing you to walk normally with shoes while providing effective paronychia treatment and protecting your toe nails. They are full of elasticity, comfortable to use, and stick to the right position to provide the best effect.

To use our toe nail corrector stickers, please ensure to clean your nails before use to keep them clean and dry. When in use, paste and press both sides tightly so that both sides are only suitable for nails. The middle shrapnel will provide upward force. It is recommended to replace every day and keep for one month.

Our nail correction stickers use a lever mechanism to change the growth angle of the nails and provide good care for the nails to maintain healthy nail growth and avoid inward growth of the nails, which may cause pain. They are small, convenient, and easy to carry, making it possible to correct your toenails without going to a pedicure shop, thus saving you time and money.

Improve your ingrown toenails with our amazing toe nail corrector stickers! The sticky foundation of the patch is firm and can be attached to the foot well. Sticking to the nail surface will produce upward elasticity, which will slowly pull out the embedded pulp, help the nail to restore its normal curve, and stop embedding in the pulp, thereby promoting healthy growth.

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