Sunshade Automatic UV Filter

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Can't find a shaded parking lot to protect you from the heat? The GLADESHADE automatic UV filter is perfect for you!

The GLADESHADE automatic UV filter is just amazing! This  UV filter for cars is made of aluminum alloy, the same material used in aerospace applications!

GLADESHADE is incredibly versatile! It is intended to be used in a  wide variety of vehicles, vans, trucks, cars, and minivans! Just cut it to the size of your car's windshield and you're done!

This product is also the fastest car hood on the market! Just pull it from right to left and fix it in place!

The GLADESHADE automatic UV filter is also very easy to install! Follow these simple steps: (1) Attach the suction cups to the right side of the windshield. (2) Turn the knob to suck in the air. Then, insert the tab into the notch. (3) Finally, pull the tab from left to right on the windshield.

The GLADESHADE automatic UV filter is truly ESSENTIAL for all vehicles!

Open strip: 155 cm Height: 65 cm

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