Techanova Transparent Periodic Table™

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Size: Big Size [200*125*24mm]
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Product description

Are you looking for a way to learn chemistry in a fun and interactive way? Do you want to see the elements in action and explore their properties and interactions?

If so, you need Transparent Periodic Table, the ultimate educational tool for chemistry enthusiasts. It is specifically created for educators, professionals working in the engineering and scientific fields, as well as students.

Also, It is perfect for encouraging and instructing. Excellent for displaying on shelves and desktops. It is perfect for decorating a home, business, or classroom. Ideal gift for professionals, educators, and students.

Order yours today and discover the wonders of chemistry!

It can be placed in the classroom to stimulate students' interest in chemistry, or it can be placed in the laboratory. It is a very practical tool.

A PROFESSIONAL TOOL: Specially designed for students, teachers, and also for professionals in various engineering and scientific industries. It is ideal for teaching and inspiring.

AN EXQUISITE DISPLAY: Great for display on desks and shelves. It is ideal for home, office, or school class decoration. Perfect gift for students, teachers, and professionals.


Material: Acrylic

Size: 150*114*21mm


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